Dhargalim in Goa

Dhargalim is one of the most pleasant villages in terms of its lush green countryside and cool atmosphere located 10 kms away from the bustling Mapusa city and is absolutely a pristine spot.

The road from the Colvale bridge leads us to this blissful isolation nestled in the heart of the lush green meadows with not much of a population thereby distancing oneself from the more heavily populated areas in Ilhas, Salcete and Bardez.

Dhargalim does not boast of any major developments but prefers to remain nostalgic with absolutely no westernized ambience or modernized villas present here.

This village is completely dominated by the Hindu population making almost 70% of the odd 4500 population and has Tuem, Nagzar, Chandel, Varkhand, Halarnem and Ozri as its congenial neighbours.

Dhargalim is very famous for its temples which are predominantly those of the refugee deities who were smuggled across the Chapora river for safety against invasions and attacks on temples.

The most prominent temple being that of Goddess Shantadurga built nearly 200 years ago by the Vaishya community of Mapusa. There is an extensive rest house or agrashala attached to the temple. The popular ‘gulalotsav’ is held in April just after Holi and celebrated by hordes of devotees all over Goa. Another temple known as the Dadeshwar temple also exists in Dhargalim.

Even the annual fair is held somewhere in mid December or January wherein religious ceremonies and various other celestial beings are invoked by prayers and procession of the goddess palanquin is taken out.

There has been no dearth of talented people in Dhargalim in various walks of life. Ranging from freedom fighters to actors, artisans and sportsmen, this village is amongst the rare villages in Goa which has displayed an all round extravaganza of multi faceted talents and much more to say, Dhargalim is one of those villages which serves the best curry richly spiced with the best Goan ingredients and the true delight of Goan curry i.e Chicken Xacuti is the best in this rather secluded part of Dhargalim and anybody can vouch for that!

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