Guirim in Goa

A tiny village just 3 km away from Mapusa city, Guirim is also called Girvoddea in Konkani. It is divided into two parts such as Vhoddlem Guirim and Dhakttem Gurim.

National Highway No.17 divides east and west part of village. You find here large area of paddy fields, during monsoon here rice grain are cultivated and in summer farming of vegetables, onion, sweet potatoes, watermelons, maze are done. This thing keeps this village greenery through out the year. Coconut trees, mango trees, oak trees etc also surround it.

Though Guirim is a small village, there are some things to be seen like while traveling from Panjim on the left you’ll see the Church, it is the Guirim’s parish church called St. Diogo Church built in 1604 by Fr. Miguel de Sam Boaventura. The feast of this church is celebrated in the month November every year. There is cross on the highway itself, which is fondly called ‘Guirim Cross’.

Road from the cross in side takes you straight on tiny hill, a place famously called Monte de Guirim, here stands a famous school of Guirim St. Anthony’s High School, nearby is School’s small church. Back proceeding from cross further on left side road inside you’ll see a chapel named “Piadade” its feast takes place in the month of October every year. Nearby on the left of chapel is famous Ice factory called “Zuzart Ice Factory”.

On the highway left side there is a Nursery farm called Mr. Farm, you’ll get a various types of flowers, and plants seed etc. close to it is Hindus small Temple, further on left side showroom of Dempo, there is a tiny pool, few people fishing for time pass. Recently built Hotel and Restaurant “Green Park”, many occasion are taken place there such as wedding celebrations, parties etc.

Moving little ahead is Assumption chapel about 230 years old; close to it is Bank of Baroda, actually a tradition house of famous Goan Singer fondly called Young Chico shared by him. There are some General Stores, barber shop, spare parts shop etc.

Guirim houses are simple design, some are also olden times made of mud. Guirim is quite and pleasant place.

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