Budbudyanchi Tali in Goa

The Budbudyanchi Tali or the bubble lake also known locally as Budbud Talli or Bomadyanchi Talli is located in Netravali in the Sanguem taluka. It is a sacred tank of bubbles attached to the Gopinath temple and appears to be green and very clean.

The Budbudyanchi Tali or the tank of bubbles is well known in Goa as here one can see continuous bubbles rising up to the surface at different spots. There are various legends regarding the origin of these bubbles and according to some it is a miracle of the local deity. However, according to scientists, the bubbles can be caused by sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, limestone or methane.

The bubbles at the Budbudyanchi Tali are known to strangely increase in intensity if one claps loudly. The tank in form of laterite masonary has a flight of steps all around leading to the sacred tank. A huge box-shaped laterite pedestal is located at the centre of the tank.

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