Nanus Fort in Goa in Goa

Nanus or Nanuz Fort is located in the Satari taluka of North Goa. It is now in ruins but is known as a historical fort that was built in the seventeenth century.

The Nanus fort is known to be built by Shivaji. However it was later snatched by the Portuguese. During the revolts in the earlier times it was used as a military base by Dipaji Rane after he captured it.

During the reign of the Ranes also the Nanus fort was again captured by soldiers from Quepem, along with those from Panaji barracks.

Today however one can only see the ruins of the fort. The place can be reached by bike or taxi but inorder to reach the fort one has to climb a small hillock. Valpoi is the nearest place one can visit.

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