Panjim which is the main city of Goa is well connected by the parallel bridges. The Panaji bridge also known as the Mandovi bridge connects the Betim village to the Panjim city.

During the 1980's the Panaji bridge was notorious for its collapses and in order to ferry heavy transport vehicles a new road bridge was constructed. This bridge of Goa is very useful nowdays as earlier the people had to travel to Panjim via the ferry that shuttles between Panjim's old steamer jetty and the Betim settlement.

Even though the magnificient Mandovi bridge now looks sturdy many people still travel by the ferry service available every 15 mins from Betim to Panjim and vice versa across the Mandovi river.

Called Panjim by the Portuguese, Panaji, which means "the land that does not flood" is the state capital of Goa. The Panaji city of Goa has typical Portuguese Baroque style buildings and old Villas.

All Government Buildings are along the River side especially the Palace of Adilshah, the Sultan of Bijapur of the 16th Centaury. In 1843 the Portuguese made the Palace the seat of the Governor General of Goa. After Liberation it became the Secretariat building, and now to be made a museum.

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