Devil's Canyon also known as 'Devcharacho kond' in Konkani, is a picturesque river gorge near Molem situated in a beautiful patch of the jungle where the river flows with great turbulence and cuts the deep gorge into solid rock. It is suicidal for swimmers due to the slippery rocks, strong undercurrents and unfathomed depth.

The story about this place is that everyday a villager used to ask the canyon's resident devil for fish by telling him that he had to entertain some guests. The devil who was curious, one day after following the villager saw him munching on the fish himself. He cursed that from then onward no one will be able to catch fish in the canyon, as he was furious at that time. Till today the curse still stands.

The Devil's Canyon situated near Molem at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Santuary is now a famous spot in Goa. In its jungles one can see some rare sightings of Black Panther and while here one can also visit the Tambdi Surla Temple that is situated nearby. The spot can also visited while on the way to or from the famous Dudhsagar waterfalls.

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