Situated at the end of a narrow cape where the Mandovi and Zuari rivers merge into the sea, the Cabo Raj Bhavan also known as the Governor's Palace, is the official residence of the governor of Goa. After the liberation of Goa it came to be known as the Cabo Raj Niwas.

Built in 1540 AD the Cabo Raj Bhavan was called 'Palacio de Cabo' in the Portuguese times and was the residence of the Governor General. A chapel that is about 500 years old is situated at the corner of the Raj Bhavan, the feast of which is held on 15 August and a big fair is held.

The Raj Bhavan palace was originally built as a fortress to monitor and control the entry of vessels at the mouth of the Mandovi and Zuari rivers and to guard them. It has a fine collection of antique artifacts like Bohemian glass chandeliers and Chinese Porcelain and it is a double story structure. It was taken as the residence of the Governor General in 1866.

At the Cabo Raj Bhavan site one can also visit a small church that was founded in 1541 by the Portuguese which is known as the Our Lady of Cabo church.

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