The Madei Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Sattari takula in North Goa. It is spread over an area of 208 sq km and is a link between the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and the Sawantwadi forests in Maharashtra and the Netravali wildlife sanctuary in Eastern Goa.

The Madei Wildlife Sanctuary together with the Netravali wildlife sanctuary cover an area of 420 sq. km. The sanctuary supports a rich variety of wildlife and covers much of the north-eastern portions of Goa. It is also known to be a bird watcher's paradise where one can see a lot of species of birds.

The Mhadei wildlife sanctuary is also famous for its semi green and evergreen forests. The area has been notified as protected for wildlife. The sanctuary is also well known in Goa as a tigress and a cub were spotted here. A lot of other wildlife can also be seen here.

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