The Azad Maidan in Goa

It is the small plot in Panjim town, a pavilion in the center presently built and in the middle is the statue of Dr. Tristao de Braganza Cunha, the former Goan Freedom Fighter, He was the 'Valiant Hero of Goan Fight for Freedom'. Previously during Portuguese in 1847 the State of Afonso Albuquerque made of bronze and two meters tall was built, after conquering various sites in Goa which is now place in Museum at Old Goa. Close to this is one monument dedicated to those who fought to liberate the Goa from Portuguese Rule.

On the west side of the square is long broad building; behind this is a Police Headquarter; previously it was the former Portuguese army barracks and Military Headquarters which was built in 1832. Just further end of square is Menezes Braganza Institute having huge library, original known Vasco da Gama Institute built in 1871 to promote the Literature, Arts and Science, and in 1953 was renamed in respect of Luis de Menezes Braganza (1878 - 1938), a great crusader for social, religious and political.

Opposite to Institute, next to ferry terminal is a monument dedicate to the victims who died in 1901, when ferry drowned in Mandovi River going from Panjim to Verem, eighty one people died in this accident. This memorial was built Goan family living in Aden, since they have lost their relatives in this incident.

On the opposite of this square towards the finishing part of it, is the Government Printing Press and at the back of this full building in a big quadrangle view is conquered by the other State Government Offices.

Moving further on from here and taking the route on the opposite side of the square from Police Headquarters, walking little distance you reach to Municipal Garden.

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