Ruins of the Colvale Fortress in Goa

The ruins of the Fortress of Colvale is located in the Bardez taluka of North Goa. It was built in the year 1681 by the court of Alvor to safeguard the Bardez frontier against the Marathas and Bhonsles.

In the year 1739 it was captured by the Marathas and later recaptured by the Marquis of Lourical. The fort had a small garrison, besides a regiment. In the year 1841, the regiment was shifted to Mapusa and the fortress lost its importance gradually as for a few years it had been abandoned and neglected.

The fortress is now in ruins but it still attracts a number of tourists. The journey towards the fortress is exciting and creates historical and archaeological interests. It is also known to be a popular picnic spot.

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