Goan Rice Recipe

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Nearly every Goan meal contains items made from rice, fish, and coconut. Rice is the stable food and has been cultivated for over five thousand years; it is eaten at almost every meal and is the basis of both sweet and savoury snacks. This diet proves to be extremely healthy.

Goan food is simple consisting of a few stable ingredients which make up various concoctions. Hindus believe that some food has a warming effect on the body, whilst others have a cooling one. This theory originates from tridosha (a Hindu concept of medicine and diet). Most dishes consist of chilli which adds colour to goan recipes as well as heat and colour. Unlike most other ingredients which are best bought whole, it is better to buy ready ground chillies to prevent irritation to eyes, nose and throat.

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Prepare Dhonos

Ingredients :

2 cups pulp of soft variety of jackfruit
1 cup grated coconut
1 cup coarse rice flour
4 tbsp home made ghee
jagerry to taste
salt to taste

Preparation :

Also know as jackfruit cake

Cake made from ripe, soft jack fruit mash

Separate flesh from seeds. Pass the flesh through a large-holed strainer and extract the pulp. To this pulp add the rice flour. ( To make the rice flour : Wash rice, put it out to dry and then grind coarsely to a semolina-like consistency. Roast it lightly in a little ghee )

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Add extra jaggery in case the jackfruit is not too sweet, or omit it if it is too sweet. Pour the jackfruit mixture into a greased aluminium cake mould.

Put it in an oven for half an hour (gas oven) on high temperature and then reduce heat.

When it begins to leave the sides, check that the rice flour has cooked and remove from the oven. Turn it on a plate once it is cooled, cut into slices and serve.

Variation : This dish can also be prepared from grated cucumber. It is then called Tavsali or Cucumber cake.

Posted By: Deepa DíMello, Toronto, Canada.