Prepare Perada (Guava cheese)

Ingredients :

4 cups guava pulp (6 to 8 large guavas will be necessary)
4 cups sugar (quantity of sugar is the same as that of pulp)
2 cups water
1 level tsp citric acid (optional) or juice of 1 lime
2 tbsp butter (optional)
A dash of cochineal (optional)

Preparation :

Wash, peel and boil guavas in water very slightly.

Drain out the water into a pan and keep aside. Pass the guavas through a sieve and keep aside.

Boil the seeds, etc. (that remain in the sieve) in the drained water and pass through a sieve.

Mix the pulp obtained from both the guavas and the boiled seeds and put in a pan with sugar, citric acid or lime juice, cochineal and butter.

Cook on slow fire stirring now and then. When cheese leaves the sides of the pan, it is ready.

Spread it on a flat dish and cut into desired pieces when cooled.

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