Prepare Royal Vermicilli Kheer

Ingredients :

Vermicilli-1/2 cup(thin variety)
milk-4 cups
sugar-1/2 to 3/4 cup
cream-1/4 cup
ghee-4 tabs
almonds-2 tabs
cinnamon powder-1 level tsp

Preparation :

Fry vermicelli in 2 tabs of ghee, till light gold in colour.

Let it get cold. Skin almonds-chop them into small pieces. Fry in two tabs of ghee, till well toasted.

Boil the milk, add the vermicelli and keep on stirring over low heat till the vermicelli is just cooked and the milk is thick. (Do not over cook the vermicelli).

Reduce heat and add sugar little by little stirring all the time till the sugar dissolves.

Remove from heat, when cold, mix in the cream, almonds, cinnamon powder and chopped bananas.

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