Prepare Bebinca (Layered Cake)

Ingredients :

200 gm refined flour
10 egg yolks
500 gm sugar
200 ml coconut milk
5 gm nutmeg powder
200 gm butter

Preparation :

Mix the coconut milk, flour, sugar, nutmeg and the egg yolks and make a batter.

Grease an oven proof dish with a spoonful of melted butter, pour 75 ml of batter into the dish and spread evenly.

Bake till golden brown. Spread another spoonful of butter and pour another 75 ml of batter over it and spread evenly.

Bake and repeat this until all the batter is used up.

Turn out the bebinca onto a wire rack. Cool and cut into slices before serving.

Bebinca (Layered Cake)

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