Prepare Xacuti Masala

Ingredients :

1 kg coriander seeds
1/4 kg poppy seeds
1/4 kg turmeric pieces
750 gm fennel
100 gm fenugreek
100 gm mustard seeds
100 gm peppercorns
50 gm cumin seeds
100 gm cloves
150 gm cinnamon sticks
20 gm mace
10 gm dagdful
20 gm masala velchi
50 gm cardamom
10 nutmegs
10 gm bay leaves
10 gm shahijeera
750 gm small red chillies (ghaunti)

Preparation :

Roast all the spices separately except turmeric and coriander seeds.

Crush the turmeric pieces roughly and roast along with coriander seeds. All these ingredients have to be roasted without oil on a broken earthen pot (koili).

Mix all the ingredients together well. Take to the mill preferably while still hot, and get it powdered. Bring the powder home and let it cool.

Put in a thick plastic bag and store it in an airtight container.

How to use:
For any dish you want to prepare (whether chicken, beef, mushroom, mutton or channa) grate and roast one coconut and take thick and thin juice of another half a coconut.

Add two to three tablespoons of above masala to the roasted coconut and grind to a fine paste. Saute your channa or meat with chopped onions in oil, ginger and garlic paste.

Let it boil and add your masala along with the coconut juice. Avoid tamarind and vinegar in the cooking, but lime juice can be added to taste.

Posted By: Cajetan Silveira, Candolim, Goa.


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