Prepare Meat ball soup

Ingredients :

125 gms. Beef (gound)
1 egg
1 slice bread (soaked)
1 tbsp. Oil
1 onion (chopped fine)
1 tomato (chopped fine)
1 flake garlic (crushed)
tsp. Crushed oregano (ajwan)
6 cups beef stock or water
2 soup cubes
1 carrot (sliced)
A few green peas
A few elbow macaroni
2 tsps. Flour
2 tbsps. Grated cheese (optional)

Preparation :

Mix the first four ingredients squeezing out he water from the slice of bread. Shape into 16 balls.

Heat oil, fry onion till soft then add tomato, garlic and oregano. Place meatballs, allow to brown turning frequently.

Take another pan, add beef stock or water and soup cubes, cook vegetable and macaroni and drop meatballs.

Make a paster of flour and little
water and mix into the boiling soup. Simmer for a few minutes.

Garnish waith grated cheese before serving.

Posted By: L. Sequira, Cansaulim.


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