Prepare Chicken Roast

Ingredients :

Grinding : 1 inch Ginger , 15 garlic shells, Vinegar , very small Cinnamun piece, 8 Pepper , 10 Cloves, 1/2 tablespoon Cumin seeds,

salt to taste , turmeric , Curds , Green Chillies Chicken

No oil used.

Preparation :

Grind to Paste Ginger Garlic Cinnamon, Pepper , Cloves, Cumin seeds , green chillies along with vinegar.

Then Cut Chicken and keep aside add this paste to it along with salt and thick curds for sometime. Add salt to taste.

Then put it on a slow flame for about 45 mins till all the gravy has been soaked by the chicken.

Once the chicken is done garnish it with mint, lemon pieces

This dish is the easiest to make and very tasty. Marination helps the chicked become nice and soft. Overall a very healthy Dish.

Posted By: Donna D'souza, Mumbai.


Chicken Roast

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