Prepare Prawn Chow Chow

Ingredients :

2 dozen prawns (shelled and fried)
2 cups noodles
100 gm french beans
200 gm cabbage
200 gm carrots
4 spring onions
4 large capsicums
2 sprigs celery
½ cup margarine
2 tbsp oil
Chilli sauce to taste
Salt to taste

Preparation :

Break noodles into 4 inch pieces and boil in 4 cups water, oil and one tsp salt. When cooked drain and keep aside.

Wash and slice all vegetables finely. Cook in margarine for 10 minutes with salt to taste.

Remove from fire and mix in fried prawns, noodles and chilli sauce to taste.

Prawn Chow Chow
Prawn Chow Chow

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