Prepare Koiloreo

Ingredients :

200 gm Goa rice
50gm grated coconut
salt to taste

For the coconut syrup:
200 gm grated coconut, ground fine and thick juice extracted
2 blocks of coconut jaggery

Preparation :

Koiloreo is sweet rice bread

Soak the Goa rice for 4 hours, and then grind into a fine paste. Mix with grated coconut and salt, and let it stand for an hour.

Take a griddle and pour a spoonful of the batter on it and cook a thick pancake till done. When ready keep aside.

Meanwhile make the coconut syrup. Mix the extracted juice with the jaggery and cook it on a slow flame, till the jaggery has dissolved.

Cook for half an hour till the syrup thickens. Serve the koiloreo with this syrup.

Posted By: Angela Lobo, Pune, India.


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