Prepare Pork Roast

Ingredients :

1 kg Pork (with little fat on it)
7 pepper cons
5 cloves
1 inc Cinimon
5 Cardamom
4/5 red dry chilles
2/3 bay leaves
1tbsp.ginger garlic paste
salt to taste
4tbspl vineger
1 tbspl oil and half tspl.yellow powder

Preparation :

Cut pork into small cubes apply salt and crushed ginger n garlic to the pork.

Keep aside for sometime, then take a pan add all the ingredients to the marinated pork with half tspl of yellow powderand red dry chillies, except for vineger and oil.

Keep the pan on slow fire without adding any water for about 15 minutes for cooking and then add 4 tbspl of vinegar and 1 tbspl of oil to the pork and keep for another 5 minutes.

Posted By: Julie Faria, NEW ZEALAND.


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