Prepare Beef Patties

Ingredients :

250 gms. Flour
tsp. Salt
cup water
3 tbsps. Cornflower
3 tbsps. Ghee or margarine
A pinch of backing Powder oil for deep frying

Preparation :

Sieve flour and salt. Gradually mix water and knead the flour to a smooth dough. Divide enough into 3 portions. Make a smooth paste of the next 3 ingredients. Roll the 3 portion of dough into 3 medium circles.

Apply cornflower paste to one circle, cover with the second circle. Apply paste on top of the second circle. Cover with the third circle. Press the edges lightly and fold 4 times forming a square. Roll out lightly to form a thin rectangle. Place a little filling about 1 inch away. Moisten a little the end side and in between the fillings.

Cover fillings just enough to form the patties. Press wherever moistened and cut out the patties with a sharp knife. Continue making all the patties this way. Heat the oil in a large frying pan and deep fry the patties. Tap each one lightly on top before turning them. These patties can be baked even. Glaze them with beaten eggs yolk before baking.

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