Gokarn Partagali Jevottam Math in Goa

The Partagali Jevottam Math located at Partagali village on the banks of the sacred rivulet Kushavati, was established in the year 1475 AD by Shreemad Narayanateertha Swamiji. It has an uninterupted tradition of 23 swamijis and is an ancient Math of the Gaud Saraswat Brahmin Vaishnav community.

The Math maintained contact with the scattered members of the community. The symbol representing the spiritual movement is considered a Tapasya Kshetra for over a thousand years. It is one of the few huge ancient 'Vatavriksha' (Banyan tree) which is about 200ft x 225ft that represents the spiritual movement carried on by the Math for over 500 years.

The people of Partagali worship the Vatavriksha and the Ishwar linga in front of the Partagali Jevottam Math and the place is popularly known as Bramhasthan. It is now developed into a centre of culture and learning and is noted for Vedic studies.