Gopinath Temple at Netravali in Goa

The Gopinath temple is situated in the Netravali (Netorli) village in the Sanguem taluka. The village is surrounded by hills and a forest cover and has a wide variety of trees and groves.

Attached to the Gopinath temple one can see the Budbudyanchi Tali also known as the bubble lake or the sacred tank of bubbles which is well known in Goa. Here one can see continuous bubbles rising up to the surface at different spots which strangely increase in intensity if one claps loudly.

The Gopinath temple has a very simple look as it is a structure of mud coated with lime. The four columns of the temple resemble the pillars of the Tambdi Surla temple as they are carved in the Shilahara-Kadamba pattern with typical Kadamba motifs.

It is known that the Kadamba king Jayakeshi-I performed the renovation of the Budbudyanchi Tali and the Gopinath temple and hence the building is attributed to the Shilaharas in the 9th-10th century A.D. Near the Gopinath temple one can also see some rock carved niches where symbols of Lord Shiva or granite Shivlings (symbols of Lord Shiva) are worshipped.

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