Devki Krishna Bhumika Mallinath temple in Goa

The Shri Devki Krishna Bhumika Mallinath temple is situated in the Chorao island which is about 5 kms from Panaji. It is the largest among the other temples in sight and is known to have been re built on 11th January 1934.

The original temple of Shri Devki Krishna Bhumika Mallinath was destroyed by the Portuguese and hence the people of Chorao smuggled the main deity of Devaki-krishna along with some associated deities via Mayem to Naroa and Marcela where they are now held.

The structural design of the temple is very simple and appealing to the eyes. In March the temple celebrates the installation of the idol where devotees gather for the community meal which is held on until late in the evening.

The Chorao island can be visited by taking a ferry from Ribandar which is on the road to Old Goa at around 3 km from Panaji. There is also a ferry linking Chorao to Pomburpa on the island's west.

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