The St. Anne Church in Goa

The Talaulim village is located 4 km north of Pilar in the Tiswadi taluka in North Goa. It is very famous for the enormous church of Santana (St. Anne). The church noted for its excellent architecture and beautiful facade was built on the right hand side of the Siridao River in 1695. The construction was completed by one Fr. Antonio Francisco da Cunha after Mons Francisco do Rego who had originally constructed it with contributions of the villagers and even with his own funds could not complete the task.

It is believed that there are many reasons that led to the construction of the St Anne church. According to the 'Oriente Conquistado' by Fr F de Souza the original site that later came to be known as 'Quinta de Sant Ana' was purchased by some devotees in 1577. The local priest here constructed a small hermitage as he had to convert the villagers of Moula and Talaulim. Later however the Church was dedicated to St. Anne after some villagers had visions of her. One of the villagers had seen her as she wanted to set her residence at the hermitage that she claimed as her abode. When the priest told the villagers about this incident another lady said that when she was sick she had a dream by which she was cured where the same old lady appeared and told her name as Anne and that she wanted a house in the village.

The main altar of the St Anne church is consecrated to St. Anne. The feast known as 'Touceachem Fest' in Talaulim is celebrated all over Goa on July 26.

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