The Ramnath Temple at Bandode in Goa

The Ramnath temple situated at Bandode near Ponda is known to have been constructed in around 1566 AD. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ramnath, a form of Shiva worshipped by the Lord Rama.

The Ramnath and Shantadurga temples were situated in close neighbors during 16th century and now in the current period they are few distance away to each other.

The Ling of Ramnath is respected to Shiva Shrine had come from temple at Loutolim, though linga is the pride of the place Vishnu's presence even holds the large impression, in the sanctuary there is structure of Laxminarayana, its relationship is complex but it resembles to Lord Rama, Vishnu's incarnation.

It was in the 1905 that main building of temple was reconstructed with a new big hall, keeping the original mandapa intact after re repairing it, the floors coloured in green and red, big round pillars and profuse. The inner sanctum with great setting of array of chandeliers and lanterns makes the wall of silver; an archway is surrounded in columns mentioning details. A portrait of Garuda and Hanuman in their usual positions is set in the archway, the paintings of Sita, Rama and their brother Lakshman kneeling and worshipping a linga with Rama's devotee Hanuman standing behind as well as Shiva, carrying his trident, looks on with parvati from the clouds above is placed in the lower panel among the two panels.

On the upper panel shows the pictures of Vishnu moving shudasharn chakra in his sitting on serpent swimming in the ocean along with Lakshmi kneeling near his feet, the other sides are the Dvarapalas - the guardians and on the down panel elephants carrying garland in his trunk.

In the Sanctuary, at the top of the Ramnath image is placed with the image of Lakshminarayan giving company is Shanteri. Outside courtyard at one side is the temple and next to that same building is shrines, one to Betal and one to Kalbhairava. Kalbhairava image was brought from Raia, a village next to Loutolim where Ramnant came from and Betal is the only God appears in nake in Goa.

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