Shri Saptkoteshwar temple of Opa in Goa

The Shri Saptkoteshwar temple is situated in the tiny hamlet of Opa in the Ponda taluka. It is built of laterite stone on a beautiful Ghaat and overlooks the River Khandepar. The presiding deity of the temple is Shri Saptkoteshwar who is worshipped in the form of a 'Ling' and whose name is found inscribed on every record of the Kadamba dynasty.

Shri Saptkoteshwar was known to be the family deity of the Kadamb dynasty who was invoked on every occasion. He was earlier known as Saptnath. A mention of this temple is made on the copperplates of Vimn Mantri (1348 AD). A mention of the deity is made on Copperplates and gold coins of Kadamb Kings like Tribhuvanmall and Jaikeshi; Degamve stone inscription of Kadamb King Shivchith and his Queen Kamladevi.

The Shri Saptkoteshwar temple at Opa is a 3-tier structure with the 'Kallas' in the shape of a bud. It is crowned with a dome with two laterite stone 'Nandis' and elephants placed on each corner that seem to guard the temple in all four cardinal directions. According to Dr. Mitragotri the temple was renovated during the Vijaynagar period and thus displays a strong Vijaynagar influence.

The Shri Saptkoteshwar temple of Opa Khandepar has a very small Sabhaamandap with an image of a Nandi placed in the centre. The doorjambs of the sanctum have Kadamb motifs and are carved of Talco chlorite schist stone. The temple is also known to be the only temple in Goa that has sculptures of animals placed on its roof.