Shri Navdurga temple at Madkai in Goa

Dedicated to goddess Navdurga, the Shri Navdurga temple is situated 28 kms from Panjim at Madkai which is in Ponda. In 1603 this temple that is more than 500 years old was renovated.

The presiding deity worshipped at the Navdurga temple at Madkai is a fierce form of goddess Durga known as the Mahishasuramardini. The idol is made of stone and is about 4 ft in height. Also worshipped here are Lord Ganesh, Betala, Narayana, Grampurush and Ravalnatha.

Thousands of people gather at the Shri Navdurga temple at Madkai during the month of November (Kartika) from Vidya Chaturthi to Dashami for the annual zatra held during this time. Another festival that is celebrated here with great pomp is Navratri. The Navdurga temple also has a pilgrim rest room known as an Agrashala with limited accommodations.

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