Shri Kamakshi Temple, Shiroda in Goa

The Kamakshi temple is dedicated to Kamakshi or Goddess Kamakhya, originally a deity from Guwahati, Assam. She is also known as Parvati or consort of Lord Shiva and is known as Shantadurga or Goddess of Peace. The temple is quite impressive and is located in Shiroda which is situated 12 kms away from the village of Kavlem in Ponda taluka.

The original temple of the deity was in Raia in Salcete Taluka which was destroyed during the missionary activities and the idol of Kamakshi was carried away to Shiroda where it is now situated. The temples of Raia are in close proximity with each other justified by the images of Lakshminarayan and the linga of Rayeshwar coming from 2 different temples in Raia itself.

Besides being a peace goddess, Kamakshi or Shantadurga is also quite violent when it comes to destruction of evil. The image of Mahishasurmardini form of the goddess is worshipped here.

The overall setting of the Kamakshi temple is quite congested although the main tower design is quite marvelous with the roof bearing stark resemblance to that of a Buddhist pagoda. It has hooded serpent images projecting from the corners of the pagoda roof while there are elephant statuettes kneeling at the corners of the square base on which rests the main tower. A golden finial rises from the center of the pagoda roof.

The vicinity of the Kamakshi temple has another small temple as is observed in most of the Goan Hindu temples, a shrine dedicated to Lord Rayeshwara or Shiva and the place where the temple is built has an ancient name "Shivagram". Also within the temple, there are shrines dedicated to Lord Hanuman and Dattatreya. Images of Kalbhairava and Betal are also found on the left and right of the silver screen leading to the sanctuary which has the goddess on her pedestal.

People of all faiths from all over Goa venerate and worship the Kamakshi Goddess who is believed to shower immense blessings on her devotees and fulfill desired wishes.

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