Parasailing in Goa is a thrilling sport that is very popular and much sought after. It is also known as Para ascending and is a sport that essentially requires a parachute and a boat. The sport is enjoyed by many tourists visiting Goa and is very exciting. It is a sure treat for an adventure seeker and can be enjoyed at affordable rates.

Parasailing involves attaching a rope of about 350 feet long to the speedboat at one end and the parasail harness at the other end. As the speedboat speeds off into the ocean, the Para sailor is hauled up in the air. The sailor has no control over the parachute as he is firmly attached to the rope. However the vision of the clear blue-sky and the stunningly beautiful water below is mesmerizing.

Parasailing is best enjoyed right after the monsoons as the skies are cloudless and blue and the waters are placid and safe. The sport can be enjoyed at various beaches in Goa such as the Anjuna beach, Calangute beach, Baga beach, Candolim beach, Majorda beach, Dona Paula beach, etc.

Parasailing in Goa is organized by Government and non-governments organizations at a nominal rate for tourists. Many try it out on their vacation to Goa as one can also soak up the beauty of the coastline of Goa. It is indeed a unique experience that is sure to set adrenalin rushing through one's body that will not be forgotten for a long time!