Paradise Cruises is an enterprise that offers services in the fields of water sports and adventure tourism. Owned and operated by professionals active in the fields of water transportation, salvage and underwater services, it was set up to provide guests with an insight into Goa's treasured waterways and marine resources while enjoying entertainment aboard our luxurious cruises.

Goa ranks high in the hearts of many as one of India's most beloved tourist destinations. With the status of industry conferred on tourism, the sector's development has increased by leaps and bounds. Along with miles of golden coastline, Goa has long and wide beautiful rivers and scenic lakes making it an ideal location for long and languid river cruises.

River cruises have become a major tourist attraction, giving a boost to the tourism industry and Paradise Cruises is leading the charge, way ahead of its competitors as well as the state-run cruises. We provide our customers with the best experience possible at the most affordable rates. Our motto is "FUN FOR EVERYONE"

If you want pleasant way to spend a thoroughly enjoyable evening in Goa is to take the "EXCITING ONE HOUR EVENING CRUISE" from the Tourism Jetty, below the Mandovi Bridge, Panaji Goa. A tastefully decorated cruiser named the "PARADISE", Goa's BIGGEST & BEST TRIPLE DECK CRUISER, takes the guests for a lovely ride down the river Mandovi.

Safety on board
When it comes to safety on board, we don't make any compromises. Health, safety and security are our foremost concerns.
We have certified staff on-board trained in ship handling and life-saving techniques.
First-Aid kits are available on board at all times.
Safety equipment such as life jackets, ring buoys, rescue tubes, fire extinguishers are all available.
Emergency rafts are available, if needed.
We are equipped with a VHS radio receiver.
We have functional telephone communications on board.

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