The Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount is situated on top of the hill behind the St. Cajetan Church. The chapel was build in 1510 by Alfonso de Albuquerque after his victory over the Goan Muslim ruler Yusuf Shah and was renovated in 2001. The Chapel is brightly white washed and is bypassed by many tourists.

The structure faces west which provides beautiful views from Divar and Chorao islands, the Mandovi River and the surrounding forested hills, especially during sunset. It also offers the overview of Old Goa where in 1510 Sultan Adil Shah's placed his artillery to defend the city from the Portuguese assault.

The chapel of Our Lady of the Mount can be reached after continuing for 1.5 km on the small road that passes through the Arch of Conception and the chapel is next to the 'Handmaids of Christ' convent situated opposite the facade of the Se Cathedral.

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