Chandreshwar Temple near Paroda in Goa

The ancient Chandreshwar Temple also known as the Chandranath Temple is situated on the road to Quepem, about 14 km from Margao. It is located on the Chandranath parvat, a heavily wooded hill about 350 mt high and is dedicated to an incarnation of Shiva, the Lord of the Moon. Just before the village of Paroda a signboard can be seen. At sunset one can see splendid views of the coastline and the countryside.

One can reach the Chandreshwar temple by the granite stone steps from the hill's base or by a drive up over a metal led road. The whole place is strangely infested by small rock crabs. The temple is associated with the Bhoja dynasty who were the rulers of the region till the 8th century. Also from the Bhoja's family deity, Lord Chandreshwar the name of their capital Chandrapur (today's Chandor) was derived. Inside the temple's inner sanctum, the Shivalinga is made of a natural outcrop of rock and is placed in such a way that it gets bathed on full moon nights in moonlight.

Next door, a smaller temple is dedicated to Chandreshwar's attendant deity, Bhootnath who is the lord of ghosts. The tree temple chariots are housed by a corner building. A palanquin procession of the deity is held every Monday evening wherein food is offered to the devotees. The main festival here is the five-day Hanuman Jayanti, along with Dushera and Mahashivratri.

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