Moroccan shisha & grill lounge


Description from the Owner:

Its the longest and the biggest restaurant of goa
Well designed ,comfortable along with exotic food which has 7 different sections &live music every day.(50 car parking).
1. Shisha lounge
2.Multi cuisine restaurant serves Moroccan,Indian,Sea Food,Tandoor.
3.Thai Shanghai express-Serves Oriental food
4.Organic Juice Bar -offer you large varieties of Organic Juices
5. 24hrs cafe
6. Pure Veg Section- food cook in a separate kitchen to match real indian flavour
7.Cheap Charlie -the pub to offer you live music every day


Address in Goa:

Bomman Wabbo, At Caliz, Candolim, Goa

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Primary Contact (General Manager): Manager
Primary Phone Number: +91 9890474785

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