Vh1 Supersonic is the home of India's definitive Dance Music experience. Our endeavour is to create a rich experience for all; a celebration of every reveller there with hours and hours of non-stop back to back music from the best Dance Music DJs in the country and the world."Good things happen to those who wait." We waited, gave you Supersonic 2013 that left you with a hangover to last for days, if not months.

Cut to VH1 Supersonic 2014, and we could see that you had waited with the same excitement and anticipation and you lost yourself in a sea of musical goodness on Goa's sandy beaches. You came with a smile on your face and left with a bigger smile, and that bittersweet feeling of waiting another 360 days. That's 8,640 hours, 518,400 minutes till the next time we met again. That's just TOO long!

We feel you - really, we do. We know like us, you'll be counting down the days till you get to do it all over again. We can't do that to you, we want you to keep that feeling of happiness alive all year round. That is why we created a year-long calendar of experiences so you never miss a heartbeat of dance. How's that for creating 'small moments like these'!

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