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For the best steakhouse in town, come to Barrels & Bones, where we take pride in serving you the best quality, prime meats in a classic rustic setting.

Our perfectly seasoned cuts will take you on a ride to the Wild West with bold flavours and hearty servings. We acknowledge our Eastern roots as well with delicate Asian sauces and signature marinades.

Barrels & Bones is an exceptional experience in steaks and grills, offering a range of appetizers, fresh breads, salads, sides, extras, pizza and main course with dips to go alongside. We place special emphasis on quality food and beverage, excellent service and management, and maintenance of consistency.

So saddle up for the best steaks you can imagine!


Address in Goa:

49, Fontainhas, Near Maruti Temple, Panaji, Goa

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Primary Contact (General Manager): Manager
Primary Phone Number: +91 7774078276

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