Bull fight is a very popular game in Goa that takes place between two bulls. It is known as 'Dhirio' in Konkani and is a simple game in which the bulls fight one another. The bulls are bred and trained to fight and the game attracts huge crowds. It usually takes place in an open area with a bamboo fence created outside the village.

Goan bull fighting involves huge betting of money done by the owner on their bulls. The people in the crowd back their favourites and a lot of money is made or lost in one game. The game involves a lot of excitement and sometimes one can witness some frantic sprinting and even bloodshed at times.

Bullfighting was banned in Goa in 1998. Before the ban, some Goa politicians graced bullfights as chief guests and even owned some fighter bulls. Announcements could be made in local newspapers or over a loudspeaker on a vehicle moving through the village and the bullfights would be accompanied by loud blaring music. It was a lot of entertainment for the people of Goa and would often be organized by the cash-rich Goans.

Today however some illegal bull fight games still take place at some parts in Goa and people are informed about it in about 30 minutes. The game is very famous especially in the South of Goa and is also sometimes witnessed in the villages like Caranzalem, Santa Cruz, Taleigao and many more.