History Of Goa

Early History of Goa
Indicated by the discovery of rock art, Goa was as far back as 9,000 years inhabited by primitive hunter-gatherers. As per the first mention which is found in Mahabharata the Hindu epic, it was known as ... more info »

Early History of Goa in Goa

Goa After Liberation
Major General Candeth took charge after Goa's liberation as military governor. Goa's first lieutenant Governor was appointed on June 8, 1962 by the Central Government and the administration was transferred to ... more info »

Goa After Liberation in Goa

Goa Liberation
Government repression increased in Goa when Portugal came under the military dictatorship of Dr. Salazar in 1920s during which time the modern Goan liberation movement began. Some Goan Nationalists formed the ... more info »

Goa Liberation in Goa

Golden Goa
Goa Dourado, (Golden Goa, Roma do Oriente, (Rome of the East) so has Goa been described over the last 500 years by conquerors, travelers, poets and evangelists. The Gods of the Hindu Pantheon and the Ancient ... more info »

Golden Goa in Goa

History Of Goa
Goa is India's smallest state; it is located on the west coast of India in the region known as Konkan. Goa was ruled by the Portuguese for 450 years till it was liberated from the Portuguese to form a part of ... more info »

History Of Goa in Goa

Iconography of Goa
There are two dominant views about the spread of Christianity in Goa. One view is that the evangelists a wide assortment of them in terms of their nationalities and religious affiliations achieved their ... more info »

Iconography of Goa in Goa

Inquisition Horrors in Goa
Once the Christian missionaries arrived, the religious practices of the Portuguese turned oppressive after an initial period of indifference and all Hindu temples were ordered closed in 1541. Over 350 temples ... more info »

Inquisition Horrors in Goa in Goa

Myths & Legends of Goa
Skanda Purana the ancient Hindu text states that the sixth incarnation of Vishnu - Parashuram, the mythical sage wanted to perform sacrificial rituals and was searching for pure land to perform them. Facing ... more info »

Myths & Legends of Goa in Goa

Portuguese rule in Goa
The Portuguese rule in Goa lasted for as long as 450 years. The history of the Portuguese in Goa was similar to the British in India. It is interesting to know that while the Portuguese ruled Goa, their ... more info »

Portuguese rule in Goa in Goa

San Thome And Fontainhas
Next to the Church of the Immaculate Conception is a hill and opposite to this are San Thome and Fontains, placed down the steep slope giving the view of Mandovi River to the east, this is area is one of ... more info »

San Thome And Fontainhas in Goa

The Kadambas in Goa
The Kadambas ruled Goa for around 300 years. During the reign of the Kadamba dynasty who ruled from early 11th century, Goa took shape as a district political entity for the first time and it was a time of ... more info »

The Kadambas in Goa in Goa

The Muslims in Goa
In the 14th century, Muslim invasions led by the Delhi sultans Alauddin Khalji and Muhammed bin Tughlaq from North India against the Hindu Kingdoms of South India, intensified. The army of Aluddin's general, ... more info »

The Muslims in Goa in Goa

The Ranes in Goa
The Portuguese acquired a new foe in the Ranes when they captured Satari in North Eastern Goa as part of their new conquests. The Ranes who are originally a martial clan from Rajputana were the erstwhile ... more info »

The Ranes in Goa in Goa

The Revolts in Goa
Goans had begun to protest against the alien, brutal occupation of the Portuguese within half a century of their arrival. The imposition of exorbitant land revenue was resisted by the inhabitants of Cuncolim ... more info »

The Revolts in Goa in Goa
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