Wax World Museum in Goa

Old Goa is the home to India's second wax museum. Each figurine is carefully sculpted of paraffin wax; the hair used is natural, although the eyes and teeth are artificial.

The museum has over 30 life-size, statues of famous personalities of Indian culture, heritage and religion. One of the main attractions is the sculpting of the 'last supper' which is 22 feet in length and weights 500 kilos.

A guide talks you through the statues at the musuem, and explains who the statues are of, what they represent and how long it took to make the sculpture. The guided tour is in English and Hindi. Other main attractions include Mahatma Gandhi, Radha Krishna and Bethlehem.

There is a statue called 'say no to drugs' which shows you the side effects of taking drugs and this really brings the concept to life.

The is a small gift shop where one can purchase candles of various designs and shapes and smells.

Entry costs 30 Rupees and 10 for cameras.

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Phone: +91-9970 126202

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