Seven kilometers from north of Colva is Uttorda, idyllic strip of palm-ringed shore. Towards the north is Arrosim and towards the south is Majorda Beach. The entire long stretch of beach is lovely and peaceful.

As the Uttorda beach in South Goa has vast stretches of beautiful sands it is a place where one can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and go for long walks. It is also good for swimming and sunbathing. For accommodation there are a number of guest houses in the area and also some hotels with excellent facilities. One can also find a number of beach restaurants in Uttorda that serve some tasty local seafood and drinks.

From Uttorda beach you can walk for miles in both directions to exotic and wonderfully uncrowded South Goa beaches. Uttorda holidays should include a visit to neighbouring Velsao beach which is beautifully unspoilt.

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