Tapobhoomi at Kundaim in Goa

The Tapobhoomi temple complex at Kundaim in Goa is a centre of Param Pujya Padmanabh Shishya Sampradaya that harbours a number of projects. Spread over an area of 10,000 sq. mts., it is now a pilgrimage centre to many students of Hindu culture and religion.

Tapobhoomi is the result of the divine inspiration of his Holiness Haturli Mathadhish Shrimad Brahmanand Swamiji. He was known for his service towards the poor, downtrodden people and due to his guidance a number of people were also saved from falling into the clutches of vices such as drinking, gambling, drug abuse etc.

At the Tapobhoomi temple complex one can see a number of projects such as a unique Datta Mandir, a Sanskrit pathshala, Dhyaan Gumfa (Chamber for meditation), Ayurveda Centre, Yoga Anusandhan Kendra, Bhajani Vidyalaya, Bhaktoddhar Library etc.

Tapobhoomi is also known to be a temple of humanity, sanding firm on Bhakti i.e the foundation of devotion. It has been set up to spread the message of divine love and compassion and to educate people about their duties and responsibilities.

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