The Surf Wala surf school was established on Arambol Beach, North Goa, in 2010 with a simple desire in mind; to share our passion for surfing with anyone, locals and visitors alike, who might wish to join the growing community of surfers here. Our little tribe of board riders has steadily increased as news has spread that it is, in fact, possible to surf in Goa. Surf Wala exists in order to continue to encourage that message, to provide surf board hire, surf lessons, equipment and advice to anyone who feels enticed to begin surfing in Goa, and most of all to provide a base for these people to come together.

We believe that the special union a person develops with the ocean when they surf lays the foundation for a holistic manner of living which encourages physical and spiritual well-being, increased environmental and social awareness, as well as a pure primal joy in feeling the rush of riding a wave. It is this experience which draws us back day after day.

"To learn patience, to feel awe, and to know exhilaration in the element of which we are all largely composed is a repeatedly enthralling experience we think everybody should have the opportunity to try."

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Phone: : +91 9623001810

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