Shri Vithal Temple, Sanquelim in Goa

Shri Vithal Temple is yet another of the famous temples located in Sanquelim, the hometown of the Ranes of Sattari who played a key role in Goa's freedom struggle.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Vithal, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and originates back to 1942 AD. It was built by the Rane families who migrated from Udaipur about 600 years ago to Sanquelim.

The temple is built on the banks of the Valvanta river and was reconstructed in 1942 although the sanctum-sanctorium was not altered. The main festivities of the temple is usually held for 9 days during the Ashadi Ekadashi and Kartik Ekadashi, the principal festival dedicated to Lord Vithal. A huge chariot exquisitely carved in wood symbolizing the chariot of Arjuna driven by Lord Krishna in Mahabharata is the center of attraction in this magnificent temple.

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