Shri Naguesh Temple in Goa

The Naguesh Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, an incarnation of Lord Naguesh is one of the most ancient temples in Goa. It is located in Bandora which is 4 km east of Ponda. It was established in 1413, years before Alfonso de Albuquerque arrived in Goa.

The assembly hall of the temple has pillars with intricate woodcarvings. These carvings, that have been colourfully painted, narrate stories from the Hindu epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. On either side of the sanctum are ancillary shrines of Lakshmi- Narayan and Lord Gasnesh.

The Naguesh temple is one of the few Hindu temples in Goa, which was spared the threat of persecution by the Portuguese. It is known to have been renovated by the grandson of Shivaji, King Shahu. At the entrance one can see an image of 'Nandi' the bull, carved in black stone. A linga, a symbol of Lord Shiva can also be seen in the inner shrine.

Beside the Naguesh temple one can see a five-storied deepstambh (lamp tower). Niched on the lower half of the tower is brightly painted deities. The centuries old water tank is also worth looking at. The most important festival that is commemorated here during the month of November is the Anguish Satrap. Also the eight-day Kartik Poornima, Chaitra Poornima and Mahashivratri are celebrated.

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