Shri Mallikarjun temple in Goa

The Shri Mallikarjun temple dedicated to Lord Mallikarjun, an incarnation of Lord Shiva is situated in the Sristhal village which is 7 km northeast of Chaudi in the Cancona taluka of South Goa. The shrine is known to be one of the oldest in Goa and is situated amidst beautiful natural surroundings.

Near the dome of the Mallikarjun temple one can see a plaque according to which the temple is atleast 200 years old. It is believed that the temple was built in the 16th century by the ancestors of the Kshatriya Samaj and renovated in 1778. It is also known that the temple is built on the location where Lord Shiva met Parvati his consort after a long period of separation.

One can also see some of the finest surviving art at the Mallikarjun temple on the pillars in the mandapa or the assembly hall. These pillars have intricate carvings with scenes from the Puranas and Mahabharat. On either side of the doors leading to the inner sanctum one can also see beautifully carved profiles of doorkeepers or dwarpal.

The Shri Mallikarjun temple is known to have around 60 deities and it celebrates a number of festivals with the annual zatra being the most unique amongst most of the festivals in Goa. On that day the deity is taken out in a procession to a nearby beach and a number of rituals are held there. The temple also celebrates the festivals of Rathasaptami and Shigmotsav which attract a number of devotees.

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