Shri Mahadev Bhumika temple in Goa

The Shri Mahadev Bhumika temple is situated at Sal in the Bicholim district of Goa at a distance of about 25 kms from Mapusa. It is dedicated to Lord Mahadev, an incarnation of Lord Shiva and has Lord Mahadev as its presiding deity.

The temple complex has beautiful natural surroundings and is well known among the people of Goa as it celebrates the three day Gade festival which attracts thousands of devotees from all over.

Gade is a festval that falls in February/March or the month of Phalgun. A number of devotees attend this festival celebrated at the Shri Mahadev Bhumika temple as they believe they can have a divine vision or darshan of 'Devchars'.

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