Scogo 2008 in Goa

The 2008 Goan festival or SCOGO (Standing Conference of Goan Organisations) as it is formally known was another successful event held on 27th July 2008 at Archbishop Lanfrac school, Mitcham Road, Croydon. It was fantastic to see so many Goans together all enjoying the Goan culture, food and meeting old lost friends.

The event opened with a celebratory Mass at 12.15 pm and was then followed by a great entertainment programme throughout the day. We were entertained by musicians, dancers, actors; this was topped off with a unique fashion show. There were various enticing stalls at the event including nail art, jewellery, publicity stalls and not forgetting the unlimited number of food stalls selling pickles, masalas, snacks and rice and curry.

For the first years ever, was also represented at the event and there was a lot of positive response. It is great to see that the Goan culture still remains very vibrant and alive today, not only within Goa but also outside its immediate boundaries. would like to thank the Goan association and all its dedicated volunteers for running this event and maintaining our Goan identity. Viva Goa!

Chairman's Address
If we trace back to the inception of the Goan festival, we will arrive at a word which is familiar to many of us and which has become synonymous to today's event. I am talking of the word SCOGO which is the Standing Conference of Goan Organisations. This umbrella which was led by the Goan Association UK saw the coming together of various Goan cultural bodies and village associations to have one day set aside to celebrate in the UK the meaning of all things 'GOAN'.

We are happy to provide a forum for all Goans here in the UK to express and experience our culture and heritage. It is now known as the GOAN FESTIVAL. The work by all is greatly appreciated and it never ceases to amaze me of the selfless contribution that these volunteers make when devoting much of their time so that many of our Goans can have their 'nostalgia' on the day.

To those of you 'Goancars' and 'Goencans', your families and friends who will be making your way from all parts of the UK, I bid you a warm welcome. Let us unite and join forces to become a powerful beacon of pride.

Herbert Fernandes
Organising Committee