Pilar Museum in Goa

The Pilar Museum is located on the Pilar hillock where the Pilar Seminary is also located.The ethos of the hillock of Pilar, situated twelve kilometres to the South of Panjim, is illustrative of the rich tradition of communal harmony that Goa has had from very ancient times.The Pilar Museum has artifacts, found around Pilar, belonging to all religions - Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Christians and Muslims.The artifacts also are witness to later Portuguese influences.Among other interesting artifacts in the musuem (all found in Pilar) a seal of the Kadambas, sculptures of Jayakeshi I and Shivachita Parmadideva and his queen Kamala Devi, a Roman amphora, various ancient coins eight century idol of Ganesha, a silver gem box dating to Kadamba times, the Khrista Purana (a handwritten Marathi translation of the Bible from 1609), various paintings of Portuguese times and lovely religious paintings, carvings and artefacts etc are also displayed.

The small but unique museum of Pilar has been widely acclaimed as one of the best maintained museums in Goa showing the great traditions of religious harmony that Goa is known for.

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