Parashuram Temple at Poinguinim in Goa

The Parashuram temple is situated at the Poinguinim village in the Canacona taluka of South Goa. It is dedicated to Parashuram who is known to be the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu and who, according to tradition is credited with the creation of the West Coast (Parashurama Sristi).

In the Hindu Mythology, the legend of Parashurama is a popular story with different regional versions. According to one version, Parashurama threw his axe as far as Kanyakumari as Varuna, God of the seas offered him to gain from the sea as much land he could span in one throw. It is believed that the sea retreated and thus the coastal tracts of Konkan, Kanara and Kerala were generated.

The Parashuram temple at Poinguinim is located amidst forest grove in serene surroundings. The mantapa has traditional carved wooden pillars and the Shikara is the traditional pyramid shape. There is also an iconic representation of 'Kshetrapala' in the courtyard.

The other shrines of Parashuram are at Pethe Parashuram near Chiplunand Payyanur, and Thiruvallom in Kerala. During 1300-1400 AD, the rise of Nath cult appeared to have coincided with the cult of Parashuram and the shrines at Poinguinim and Chiplun were set up as independent shrines to Parashurama.