Skanda Purana the ancient Hindu text states that the sixth incarnation of Vishnu - Parashuram, the mythical sage wanted to perform sacrificial rituals and was searching for pure land to perform them. Facing the Arabian Sea (Sindhu Sagar) and standing atop the Western Ghats (Sahyadris) he ordered the sea to retreat where the arrow which he shot landed. Land on the banks of the two main Goan Rivers, Aghanashini (Zuari) and Gomati (now Mandovi) was vacated by the sea God.

Parashuram peopled Goa with high caste Hindu families of Saraswati Brahmins after he claimed it as his kingdom. It is believed that the sacrificial fire ashes have turned into a holy hill (Bhasma Dongor) in north Goa near the Arambol beach (Harmal beach) . In Goa the only temple dedicated to him is at Poinguinim in Cancona subdivision.

According to another legend Lord Krishna enchanted by the beauty named this land Govepuri after he encountered the charming milkmaid's cows. (Goa is called Gparashtra or Govarashtra in Mahabharata the Hindu epic.)